Getting Started

General introduction about ElectroNeek's products and documentation.

About the Company

ElectroNeek is an Intelligent Automation Platform empowering MSPs (Managed Service Providers) and their clients with cutting-edge technology that seamlessly automates business processes (end-to-end). This MSP-oriented platform offers a wide range of low-code automation tools, based on RPA, IDP, AI, and GPT4 (Conversational and Generative) technologies.

About User Portal

ElectroNeek User Portal is the space where you can access the Platform and its products. Here you find everything you need to download them, manage your team's accounts and workflows, control API credentials, and access a wealth of learning content.

Our products are organized as follows:

  • Automation Hub - products to build, deploy, and manage all your bots in one location. Our no-code/low-code architecture gives you easy-to-use automation.
  • Business Hub - Academy training videos, assets, and templates to build your sales and marketing expertise. Everything to ramp up including prospects to develop your sales skills.
  • Service Hub - Our Documentation and Community Forum give you access to product and MSP expertise, with a built-in Support Portal.

How to Navigate it?

Business Hub

  • Campus is ElectroNeek's Learning Management System, aimed at improving your knowledge of the RPA business. Within this platform, you can find training courses and learning materials to help you become an automation expert.
  • Wiki is a comprehensive knowledge base that houses all our Sales and Marketing collateral, as well as a wealth of information related to our products and processes.
  • Reselling is a centralized and self-managed tool that allows our customers to resell and offer free trial access to ElectroNeek’s products for their end clients. It generates new business opportunities for both our customers and ElectroNeek

Automation Hub

  • Studio Pro is a downloadable low-code, no-code tool that enables you to develop Bots capable of automating repetitive tasks by interacting with your desktop and browsers.
  • Bot Runner is a downloadable tool that empowers you to execute your developed bots on any machine with ease. By leveraging Bot Runner, you can run your bots as frequently as needed, unlocking the power of automation across various environments and maximizing efficiency in your processes.
  • Orchestrator SaaS: Orchestrator SaaS is an online platform that offers seamless access to connect, schedule, and launch your bots effortlessly. With Orchestrator SaaS, you can leverage the power of automation in a cloud-based environment, simplifying the management and orchestration of your bots. Experience the convenience of centralized control and scalability as you streamline your automation workflows.
  • IntelliDocs is a powerful solution for intelligent document processing. It streamlines document workflows and enhances efficiency by accurately extracting information from various document types.
  • Bot Library provides pre-built bots for faster and more efficient delivery of business value. Access realistic RPA use cases, instructions, and videos to build workflows from scratch in your projects. Download templates to optimize RPA resource utilization and enhance customer service, achieving faster implementation and improved productivity.

Service Hub:

  • Support Center: Ask for help, receive advice and leave some feature improvements creating requests for your Support Team specialists.
  • Community Forum: Ask questions to our other users, discuss topics and leave feature improvement requests by accessing this RPA community.


Depending on your role and permission in the organization you can see:

  • User Information: See your account settings and the products you have access to.
  • Billing: Access your subscriptions, add-ons, and payment transactions.
  • Team: Manage your organization members, and invite users to products, among other roles and permissions tasks.
  • Audit Logs: Having the Owner role, see and download all the recorded events related to your active products.
  • Language: Select the User Portal interface language. We currently have it in EnglisOctobreh, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Deutsch.

ElectroNeek's Documentation

We created this Documentation to provide you with detailed product content, API reference guides, How-to articles, our Release Notes and other resources designed to help you learn the basics about our products. This way, you can achieve significant productivity gains, reduce errors, and improve data accuracy in your business operations.

You can also find links to additional content, such as courses to quickly get up to speed with the platform and products. Our API Documentation contains API tools and the information you need to connect Orchestrator SaaS and IntelliDocs to other applications.

ElectroNeek Documentation is the right place for you to keep learning and solve doubts.