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Knowledge Training course. Learn how to master Intelligent Document Processing with IntelliDocs.

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IntelliDocs course was designed to provide an understanding of

  • Intelligent Document Processing basics.
  • How to use IntelliDocs.
  • How to build automation solutions to streamline document processing.

What will you learn in this course?

The course is a comprehensive guide that covers all aspects of document processing using IntelliDocs. It is organized into short chapters that cover topics such as:

  • IntelliDocs capabilities
  • Comparison with competitors
  • Implementation guide

The course also includes a practical chapter that guides you through getting started with the IntelliDocs interface, managing document streams, and using APIs. You will learn how to build a document processing workflow and get a real-world example of using IntelliDocs.

Finally, a practical activity wraps up the course and provides you with an opportunity to apply what you have learned. With the course, you will gain the skills and knowledge needed to effectively use IntelliDocs to streamline document processing and improve business operations — and you can get certified for that.

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