Deploy your Studio Pro workflow.



Once you have created a bot using Studio Pro, you can export it to a NEEX file in order to execute it using Bot Runner. This first step is simple: click on Menu → File → Export to .neex.

The second prerequisite is to have Bot Runner installed in your computer.

Deploying via Bot Runner

After the NEEX file is saved, you can run it by double-clicking the left mouse button. If Bot Runner is installed and running on the computer, the workflow starts automatically.

You can also run the workflow directly through Bot Runner. To do this:

  1. Open Bot Runner
  2. Go to the Welcome tab
  3. Click on RUN BOT
  4. Select the NEEX file

Done! You have just deployed your bot via Bot Runner.



You can also use Orchestrator SaaS to request Bot Runner to execute the bot remotely. Learn more about this process in this article.