User Access Management


Working with ElectroNeek products involves creating and managing a team of users. Within the team and the product, there are user roles. Depending on the role assigned, a user may have different abilities to interact with the product and manage the team.



Having the role of Owner or Admin, you are automatically added to all new products of our Ecosystem.

Adding users to a team

To invite a user to a team, go to User Portal โ†’ Account โ†’ Team.

Click "Invite New User(s)" to select a role for the user.



Organizations can only have one "Owner". This role cannot be deleted but can be transferred through the team management tool within the User Portal. When the role is reassigned, the former Owner will be demoted to the Admin role. Enter the e-mail address of the person you want to invite, and send the invitation.

You can specify one or more addresses manually (press "Enter" or "Space" to go to the next address) or copy the list of addresses.

Note that the copied addresses in this case must be separated by commas without spaces.

Deleting users from a team

To remove a user from a team, click the appropriate icon next to the user name, and in

the window that opens, click "Yes" to confirm the removal.

Changing a user's role in a team

To change a user's role in a team, click the appropriate icon related to that user.