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Studio Pro

What is Studio Pro

ElectroNeek Studio Pro is software where users create automation workflows. It makes use of the so-called visual programming concept - Studio contains various activities (such as “Click on element”, “Input from keyboard”, and more) that users need to drag and drop into the canvas. On the canvas, activities are represented with blocks that contain certain parameters. A combination of such blocks and their parameters is the resulting workflow.

What operating systems can Studio run on?

Studio can run on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019. The main focus is on Windows 10.

How experienced a Studio user should be?

A Studio user should have knowledge of such basic programming concepts as variables, loops, conditions, data types, and similar. If the user has experience in development programs for production, it’s an advantage. Apart from that, the user should have an understanding of what the RPA area is and what is automation in general.

What is the result of a development process?

The result of a development process is a bot ready for operation. A bot is a set of activities placed according to the business process logic. Such bot can be exported to the .neex extension to run through ElectroNeek Bot Runner or published to ElectroNeek Orchestrator to run remotely and on schedule.

How does Studio work with credentials?

Users that need to store credentials in order to use them in their workflows can use the credential vault located at the Studio’s settings. The vault directly interacts with the Windows Credentials mechanism to store and address credentials.

Can a complex workflow be split into small separate workflows?

Not only can a large complex workflow be split into small pieces that can be run and tested separately, but it is a good practice to do so. The “Subprogram” activity is designed for that.

Can Studio Pro work simultaneously with Bot Runner on the same machine?

Studio Pro and Bot Runner are two different applications: they do not depend on each other. However, keep in mind that if Bot Runner is running some algorithm while you are working in Studio Pro on the same computer, your interaction with desktop applications, including Studio Pro, can disrupt the work of the bot.

Bot Runner, which executes the algorithm, can also interfere with other applications: this depends on system resources, computer configuration, and other factors. We do not guarantee the stable performance of the platform when running the algorithm through Bot Runner and actively working in Studio Pro at the same time.

Does Studio Pro support working with trusted root certificates?

Yes, the root certificates are supported by Studio Pro. Here you can find an instruction for installation of such certificates. Relaunch Studio Pro if it was launched during the installation process.

What databases Studio Pro can send queries to?

Currently, Studio Pro supports MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle database management systems.

Bot Runner

What is Bot Runner?

ElectroNeek Bot Runner is a tool that executes bots without needing to install and run ElectroNeek Studio. Bot Runner executes bots either from the local machine or those published to Orchestrator.

What operating systems can Bot Runner run on?

Bot Runner can run on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019. The main focus is on Windows 10.

Does Bot Runner require internet access to operate?

If Bot Runner is used to run attended bots then internet access is not required unless there are activities in the workflow that uses the internet (such as “HTTP Request” or similar). If Bot Runner is supposed to run bots published to Orchestrator, then internet access is required to check the user’s license and permissions to use Orchestrator.

How users can scale and deploy Bot Runners?

The Bot Runner tool can be downloaded without any account in the ElectroNeek ecosystem and installed on any number of machines freely. Users can run an unlimited number of attended bots as well without any fee which is a unique offer on the RPA market.

What are the technical limitations for attended bots with regards to unattended bots?

Attended and unattended bots do not have technical limitations. What kind of bots should be used depends on the budget and on the use cases. Typically attended bots are good small helpers especially in combination with the user interaction. Unattended bots come together with Orchestrator. While Orchestrator itself is paid, there are no fees that depend on the number of unattended bots. Unattended bots are meant to run independently without user interference.

Can a bot be launched through the Windows Command Prompt?

Yes, .neex files can be launched through the Windows Command Prompt. To do that, launch the command prompt, type the full path to the .neex file that is to be executed, for example:

Then hit “Enter”. If the ElectroNeek Bot Runner application was not launched before, this action will trigger Bot Runner to run and after Bot Runner is launched, the execution will start immediately.

Can bots work on minimized virtual machines/RDPs?

Yes, bots can work on VMs and RDPs with a minimized window.

Orchestrator SaaS

What is Orchestrator SaaS?

ElectroNeek Orchestrator SaaS is a tool, a part of the ElectroNeek portal, used to manage bots and integrate them into various RPA and non-RPA projects. Users can set a specific schedule for the bots, generate webhook links to trigger those bots in third-party apps, and more.

Is access provided according to the role-based model?

Yes, only those users who have permission to use Orchestrator SaaS can have access to the system. The access can be given by adding the user to the Orchestrator SaaS by the Team’s admin on the “Team” page.

Does Orchestrator support Multitenancy?

Yes, Orchestrator SaaS supports multitenancy. You can learn more about it in this article.

What options are available to manage bots?

Bots can be scheduled to execute at a specific time of the day, day of the week, and more. Users can also generate a webhook for a specific bot to be able to trigger the execution of this bot in any application or program.

Is it possible to manage queues in Orchestrator SaaS?

Queues are managed automatically — when a bot is launched, the first available machine in the list of assigned machines takes the bot and executes it.

Is it possible to log in to Bot Runner on multiple machines simultaneously?

Yes, it is possible. There is no limitation to the number of Bot Runners available for running online at the same time. Note that one Bot Runner can execute one workflow at a time, while other scheduled workflows wait in the queue.

What is the guaranteed uptime for Orchestrator SaaS?

The product guaranteed uptime is 99.5%/year.

Is there an API to interact with Orchestrator and bots?

Yes, it is available here. Apart from that, Orchestrator SaaS is integrated with Zapier and can be used in Zaps to combine popular SaaS systems with RPA bots.