Sign Up

How to sign up in order to gain access to ElectroNeek's products.


To start using ElectroNeek products, contact us through our website to set up a call with a representative.

Once all the details are settled, the contract is elaborated and signed. After that, you are granted access to the platform.



Community Version 2.0 by ElectroNeek is an expansive and user-friendly release designed for learners, offering a comprehensive platform with access to advanced RPA, desktop automation, iPaaS, digital document processing, and security features, enabling users to explore automation intricacies without financial commitments. Register now at this link.

Download Products

Once you have access to our platform, you can download Studio Pro and Bot Runner by navigating to the product's respective page in User Portal β†’ Automation Hub.

Online Products

The rest of ElectroNeek's products are used within the platform and don't need to be downloaded.