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Welcome to ElectroNeek Documetation. See the documentation's table of contents.


Welcome to ElectroNeek Documentation!

This documentation gathers information about our platform and products, so as our API Documentation, Release Notes, and useful How-to Articles. Use this resource to explore the business value of the platform and enhance your skills for automation services.

Here's a table of contents with the sections of our documentation:

OverviewAutomation HubBusiness Hub
This section presents our company, how to sign up, how to add a team, and what you find in our Academy.This section gathers an overview of our products and detailed articles about their functionalities.Here you find material to enhance your business skills and offer trial access to your clients.
Build and ManageStudio Pro ActivitiesMISC
This learning journey covers the elementary actions you must know to build, deploy, and manage bots.Here you can check descriptive information about the activities that compose your workflow.This section has Security Policy, Support Center operation, Troubleshooting, and FAQ.
API documentationRelease NotesHow-to Articles
This page gathers API calls and endpoints for both, Orchestrator SaaS and IntelliDocs, so as detailed information on each method.Here you find a document for each release we launch with all its new products and features, improvements, and bug fixes.This page has a set of useful articles that help you solve problems, overcome automation challenges, and improve your workflows.