How-to Articles


How-to Articles are easy-to-learn guides that provide step-by-step instructions on performing specific tasks or solving specific problems using ElectroNeek products.

Check the articles below organized by categories.


How to manipulate and format data in Excel, including reading, modifying, merging, and removing rows, and using conditional formatting and Macros.


How to work with this data structure, including calculating its length, getting an element's index, converting strings to JSON, and more.


How to use programming and scripts in Studio Pro, including writing query text using an activity and running a NEEX file from the command prompt.


How to manipulate information from text-based documents using Studio Pro, including removing special characters, selecting list items, and extracting data.


Bots Management

How to improve your bot management, including creating and running NEEX files, duplicating workflows, and more.


How to perform email-related tasks, such as attaching dynamic images, extracting tables, embedding images, and more.


How to deal with file management, including moving files to a network folder, uploading files via FTP/HTTP, and managing file paths.

Web Data

How to use Studio Pro to extract and interact with various types of data from web pages, such as images, elements, and values from address bars.


How to perform different types of actions such as hiding the status window, sending mobile messages, triggering bots using files, creating custom logs, and more.