Reselling is a centralized and self-managed tool that you — as an IT Service Provider — can use to resell and offer free trial access to ElectroNeek’s products to your end clients. This way, you can offer them a comprehensive automation solution that meets their specific needs and requirements, resulting in increased revenue and customer satisfaction for them — and business opportunities for you.

Become more competitive by taking advantage of this resource, so you can get additional revenue streams, increase your customers' loyalty and reduce time to marker.

Here's everything you must know to start using Reselling.

What products can be resold and offered a trial version of?

Customers can resell and offer trial access to Studio Pro and Orchestrator SaaS. In order to get the actual price for a quarter you should contact the Customer Success Team.

What kind of customer can access this Reselling functionality?

All ElectroNeek's customers with Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans can resell or provide product trials to their end clients.

How long can end clients access the trial version?

The number of days for end clients' trial versions availability will depend on the customer plan:

  • Bronze customers can offer 7 trial days
  • Silver customers can offer 14 trial days
  • Gold customers can offer 45 trial days

How many trial accesses can customers request?

IT Service Providers can provide a limited number of trial access to their end clients depending on their plan:

  • Bronze customers can offer a maximum of 2 trials per month
  • Silver customers can offer a maximum of 5 trials per month
  • Gold customers can offer a maximum of 10 trials per month

Does ElectroNeek sign any separate agreement in case of resale?

ElectroNeek adds and signs an Annex to the Customer’s Agreement. By these Annex Terms, customers must pay ElectroNeek full products price, excluding the reselling percentage.

Who invoices the end clients for resale?

When reselling Studio Pro or Orchestrator, the customer issues its own invoice to its end client for the full price. Customers can resell ElectroNeek’s products either charging full price to their end clients or using the reselling percentage to offer a discount to their end client.

What's the reselling percentage?

The value is defined depending on the customer’s plan:

  • Bronze customers have a reselling percentage of 10%
  • Silver customers have a sharing percentage of 50%
  • Gold customers have a sharing percentage of 75%

How do end clients get their license active?

End clients get the license active once customers have paid the reselling percentage fee to ElectroNeek.

How to invite users?

When an IT Service Provider becomes an ElectroNeek customer, the Account Owner is the only one who can access the Reselling Team Management screen. Therefore, the Owner must invite other users so they can start working with the tools.

Here is how to add a member to the Reselling team:

  1. Navigate to the User Portal
  2. Click "Team"
  3. Press the Reselling tab on the Team screen
  4. Click on "Add users" and then select a user to be added.