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The "Too Many Requests" error — "HTTP request" activity

Text and meaning of the error

Such error can occur when working with the HTTP request activity and using the GET method with some websites. The error message can look like this:

Too Many Requests

Some websites require specific User-Agent. The HTTP request activity by default uses User-Agent axios/0.26.1.


To solve this error, set a new User-Agent. For example, you can do it by adding additional headers of the HTTP request:

'User-Agent': 'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/103.0.5060.134 Safari/537.36 Edg/103.0.1264.77'  

The "end of central directory record signature not found" error — "Unzip files" activity

Text and meaning of the error


This article will soon be removed.

We have created a new text for this error message that can help you find a solution in an easier way. The new message reads: Apparently, the file you are trying to unzip is damaged or does not contain a file extension format. Please check these two situations and try again.

This error can occur when trying to unzip files using the Unzip files activity.

The error message can look like this:

end of central directory record signature not found


Such an error can occur in two cases:

  1. If the archive you are trying to unzip is corrupted.
  2. If the file you are trying to unzip is not an archive. For example, if you changed the file extension to .zip without actually adding the file to an archive.

The "Invalid login: 535 5.7.0 (#AUTH005) Too many bad auth attempts" error

Text and meaning of the error

Such an error may occur when using the Yahoo mail service.

The error message can look like this:

Invalid login: 535 5.7.0 (#AUTH005) Too many bad auth attempts.

This message means that you are trying to use your personal email password in Studio Pro. Yahoo does not allow using personal passwords in third-party applications (in this case, Studio Pro).


To avoid this error, generate an app password. You can learn how to do it in this instruction. After the password is created, you need to update the Yahoo credentials using the generated app password.

The "Can't launch browser" error — "Open URL" activity

Text and meaning of the error

This error can occur when working with the Open URL activity. The error message can look like this:

Error at Open URL in duo2.neek.backup : Can't launch browser. Please refer to Help Center to make sure the activity 'Open URL' was set up correctly. If it doesn't help, click this link to contact support.

This error occurs when Studio Pro does not have access to the

C:\\Users\{{username}}\\ElectroNeek\\Studio Pro\\chromedriver directory.


The only solution is to grant access to the directory. This directory is used by Studio Pro for downloading and saving fresh version of chromedriver.exe file. This file is used by Studio Pro in case of using Chrome Selenium as a way of interacting with the browser.

Studio Pro and Bot Runner startup errors


Studio Pro and Bot Runner perform checking before launching to check if there are any restrictions in the environment for them to work correctly. If any of the important permissions are missing, you will see the corresponding error. Below we will take a closer look at possible errors and their reasons.

Studio Pro

License server connection

This step is necessary to check your license before running Studio Pro. A possible cause of an error in this step is that you do not have an Internet connection.

Services availability

In this step, the platform checks access to our remote services required for its correct performance:
The cause of the error at this stage can be a blocking of services by your anti-virus and/or firewall - make sure that these services are not blocked by anti-virus programs. In addition, access to services can be restricted by incorrect proxy server settings or technical maintenance on our servers.

Access to folders

For correct performance of the platform it is necessary to give it the ability to write data to the folders in which the platform is installed. At this step writing permissions to these directories are checked. If an error occurs at this stage, it means that writing to some of the required folders is restricted. The list of these folders will be displayed in the error window - you will need to grant writing rights to these directories.

Port availability

Some ElectroNeek platform components require free ports starting at port 5000 for proper operation. The error occurs when these ports are not available. We recommend you to contact your system administrator to resolve this situation.

Guest access check

For the ElectroNeek platform to work, it is important to ensure that the Windows account on which it is installed doesn't belong to a guest group. This is necessary because a Windows guest account has a number of significant limitations that make it impossible to run the platform. Accordingly, if your account belongs to a guest group, an error will occur at this point. Use an account from another group to work with ElectroNeek products.

Connection to Studio Pro

This step checks if you can connect to the Studio Pro product. There can be many reasons for errors at this step, the most common one is that anti-virus software blocked Studio Pro itself. This article explains how to exclude Studio Pro from anti-virus scanning. If your anti-virus doesn't block the program, please contact our technical support for assistance through our Portal's Support Center.

Bot Runner

There are fewer checks when starting Bot Runner, and the startup steps are the same as when starting Studio Pro:

  • Port availability
  • Access to folders
  • Guest access check
  • Connection to Bot Runner

Accordingly, the causes of errors and solutions do not differ.

If you can't resolve an error on your own, contact our technical support through our Portal's Support Center.