In this quickstart tutorial you are going to find a step-by-step guide to quickly process a sample invoice using IntelliDocs. Along the way, you’ll learn key concepts and techniques that are fundamental to use the API for multiple tasks, including:

  • What is an IntelliDocs API Key
  • How to select a document to be processed
  • How to send documents to be processed

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Sending an invoice to IntelliDocs

1. Ensure that you have an API key

In order to process a document the first requirement is to have an IntelliDocs API Key. This API Key is generated by using the Web Portal of ElectroNeek - where you also can specify limits for your Document Streams. If you don’t know how to get one or need clarification on how to create your first API Key, please check this article in the Help Center.

2. Select a document to be processed

The IntelliDocs API supports multiple input formats although to simplify the process for this guide will use a sample invoice document that is provided by an URL.

URL: .

3. Send this document to be processed

For interaction with the API you can use any preferable programming language. To facilitate your experience the window below will provide an easy way to interact with IntelliDocs. This window has basically two sections that can be edited .

First is the Security one, in this step we need to provide the API Key, which was obtained previously, and paste it into the Bearer Token field.

Into the Body section you are going to see a reference for the URL of the sample invoice. You can test your own document by simply changing the URL parameter to any other one desired, as in the following screenshot.

To do that, use this API Reference.

4. Verify your request

Click “Send”. If everything works properly, you see a JSON response with the respective data from the Invoice file in a key-value structure. For the document in this guide, the output should look like this:

As you can see from the output result, the invoice fields are recognized correctly, for example, companyName has the value "East Repair Inc", as well as invoiceNumber which has the correct value of US-001. Click on the "Spoiler" button to expand the full response and check all the fields.


[API Reference](>