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In this quickstart tutorial you are going to find a step-by-step guide to quickly process a sample invoice using IntelliDocs. Along the way, you’ll learn key concepts and techniques that are fundamental to use the API for multiple tasks, including:

  • What is an IntelliDocs API Key
  • How to select a document to be processed
  • How to send documents to be processed

Without further ado, let’s get started.


  1. Go to the ElectroNeek Platform Home page. Look for the IntelliDocs tile and click on it.

You can also access it under the "Automation Hub" in the navigation menu by clicking on IntelliDocs > Document Streams

  1. After clicking on this, you will be taken to the IntelliDocs Web Portal to explore its features. If you're accessing the platform for the first time, you'll see that no document stream has been created yet. Once you have access, you can manage customers, API keys and the number of pages available for processing.
  1. To create a single document stream click on the "Add Document Stream" button. Then, provide "Document Stream Name", Limit Type, "Page limit", and a Document description that includes the model and related data that want to be extracted separated in fields. The page limit here is the maximum number of pages available for processing this document Stream per the limit type. For the Balance type, the usage counter will never be reset as opposed to Monthly and Yearly which reset the counter every month or year.
  1. Here is an example of how to describe an Invoice document:
FieldField TypeDescription
Model DescriptionAn Invoice is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer, relating to a sale transaction and indicating the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller had provided the buyer. It serves as a request for payment and may include details about tax, payment terms, and other relevant transaction information.
InvoiceNumberTextUnique identifier for the invoice, often located at the top of the document.
InvoiceDateTextThe date when the invoice was issued. Format can vary, but commonly localized in US date format mm/dd/yyyy.
SellerNameTextThe name of the entity issuing the invoice, typically found at the top or in a header section.
BuyerNameTextThe name of the entity to whom the invoice is billed, often located near the top or in a header section.
SubTotalNumberThe total before taxes and additional fees, often found above the Total Amount field.
TaxAmountNumberThe total tax applied on the transaction, it is typically located near the Total Amount field.
TotalAmountNumberThe total amount due for payment, typically located at the bottom of the invoice, including all fees and taxes.
DueDateTextThe specific date by which payment should be made, often located in the payment terms section.
PaymentTermsTextTerms that specify the payment deadline and conditions are found either at the bottom or in a footer section.
ProductDescriptionsTableDescriptions of each item or service provided, are usually listed in the body of the invoice.
Column NameColumn TypeColumn Description
ProductItemDescriptionTextDescription of each item or service listed.
ProductQuantitiesNumberQuantities for each item or service listed.
UnitPricesNumberPrices per unit for each item or service.
LineTotalNumberTotal price for all units of this item.

Important: The description can be customized to get the expected result. Think about it as a context provided to the AI to identify the required information from the document. You can also use this field to provide instructions on how the information will be provided, for instance: provide the date in DD-MMM-YYYY format.

  1. Once you've entered the required information, click the "Save" button. You'll see a new row created on the table, indicating the creation of a new document stream.
  2. On the right side of the page, you can visually check the API key by clicking on the eye icon. You can easily copy the API Key by clicking the clipboard icon.

Testing a Document Stream in IntelliDocs

To test a Document Stream with an example, follow the provided instructions below:

  1. Go to Test Recognition
  1. Select the document you want to process.

  2. Select the Document Stream for the selected document type.

  3. Click Extract to process the document.

  4. Once the document is processed, the result will be shown on the screen:

    1. Visual Result: This view will display the result in a human-readable format. It will

    2. API Response: This is the output that ElectroNeek Studio Pro will receive when using Extract Document Data activity or when using the IntelliDocs API.